a new season


At R&R we try to stay on top of our game. — We are never short of new ideas, new tools, and new visions and aspirations. Sometimes a bit tame & sometimes we take on a monster. A really big and scary and exciting thing. Have you ever had something in your back pocket that you were just waiting for the right time? Well, we have arrived at our right time. — We are praying that this is our right time. We are taking on a scary monster and we are going to build something wonderful for the community. this community where god has placed us in this season.

Without divulging too much more as our big unveiling will come a bit later this month, we are beyond thankful for each and every opportunity and new seasons in life and in business that come our way.

We have choices as women, mothers, and business owners

to let new seasons scare us or excite and fuel us.

We always choose the fuel option!  

Speaking of new seasons, though it may not quite feel like it, spring is right around the corner. One way that I know it is coming is when you hop into your car, when it is bitter cold outside but the sun has warmed it up a bit and ahhhhhh….. there it is. That magical sunshine warmth that is promised after these cold months. When the sun is just a bit higher in the sky and the days are getting a bit longer.

The new season is just waiting patiently to arrive. But we do not have to be patient! We are itching to see new life and new growth well before mother nature lets us begin planting in our gardens, which is typically right around that Mothers Day mark.

When that seems so far away and you are ready to get your hands dirty, that is the perfect time to start planting your inside seeds.

Many fruits and veggies enjoy a good jumpstart indoors. Sometimes up to 8 weeks is needed for perfect size seedlings that are then ready to be transplanted outside.

There are many indoor growing kits available, but we try to up-cycle and repurpose as much as we can. For seed projects, some of our go to’s are eggshells, cardboard egg cartons, paper cups, coffee grounds, milk jugs, 2 liter soda bottles and some potting soil, and a good sunshine filled window. Trying to use as much compostable materials as possible will make your projects earth friendly! The egg cartons and paper cups make very simple seed starters, easy to water, transport, and pop out as soon as your plants are ready for the garden.

Milk jugs and 2 liter bottles make perfectly cut in half mini greenhouses for little humidity controlled micro-gardens. Used coffee grounds and a few rinsed eggshells can be crumbled fine and mixed into a basic potting soil to amp up the nutrients in the soil. Coffee grounds adding minerals that help plants thrive and eggshells providing calcium to the soil which just like us, helps the “bones” of your plants grow. A simple and easy fertilizer to get your babies started off right. Heck, who doesn’t need a good kick of coffee to get moving in the right direction?!?

With a little water, a lot of sunshine, and a whole lotta love you will have sprouting seeds in just a few days to a few weeks, depending on your seed varieties. By Mother’s Day you will be able to spend hours in the yard, planting what you have nurtured for weeks and by mid June, you may be seeing and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

For me, there is nothing more rewarding then picking a fresh tomato, a cucumber, some beans or a zucchini and creating a meal for my family with mine and God’s very own handy work.

So start this next season a little early. Put some spring in your step and some spring in your windowsill. Give mother nature a head start and get some green going on! It will instantly give you a project to help you live out these last few weeks of winter with the new season starting right before your eyes!


excited to share more on our new season at r&r with you in the coming weeks! thanks for following along with our journey. we are so grateful for YOU!