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Hello! We are Meghan & Shea and we make up Rosemary & Rust. We are floral and event designers based in Southern York County. We specialize in floral arrangements, event decor, and customizing your special day. Our goal is to make your dreams come to life. We'd love to work with you on making that happen.

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april newsletter

shea mack

r&r monthly newsletter: april
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We're celebrating ONE year at our little Shrewsbury shop!
Hello friends & happy April! We are super excited for the month to come. April 1st was supposed to be our SHOP BIRTHDAY PARTY, but it was postponed due to a little baby making his appearance a tad bit early. -- Nonetheless, thanks for making this past year incredibly special. We are super grateful for this community we get to be a part of! >> We hope to see you on SundayApril 23rd for our rescheduled event!
This past year at our little shop has been so special for us.
We've been able to meet all sorts of new folks who have become very great customers & friends. For that we are feeling so fortunate. We've hosted a TON of design nights, classes, & parties, as well as sent many weddings out of this shop and as of now, 60+ will be headed out this year! It's seen a lot of love & flowers this past year that's for sure. Good news is; we're only just getting started! We can't wait to celebrate! Be sure to make it on Sunday, April 23rd from 10-4; we are having some giveaways you DO NOT want to miss! <3  [PARTY DETAILS HERE]
We've got some new & spring themed events coming up at the shop this month!
to see all of our available events [CLICK HERE]
Well, what else is there to write about in this tidbit than the old saying...expect the unexpected. What an amazing whirlwind of excitement we have experienced this month. With opportunities that arose for us to stretch ourselves just a touch beyond comfort, we really were able to grow our minds about who we are and what we are capable of. During our trip to Vegas we had the joy of being able to talk to others in the business, some of whom were world renound designers, others were struggling business owners, and we were able to speak with confidence about who we are, why we do it and how we are molding our business to fit into the needs of our community. The unexpected giddiness of my soul, walking into a show, learning from master designers, brought me to tears. Every bit of me was filled with gratitude to God for allowing me to “arrive” at that moment. Having Shea to share that with was awesome! And talk about unexpected, taking Shea to the hospital, for a simple fever and her leaving there having delivered a beautiful baby boy, whoa! If we could predict our next moments in life, I think we would be too afraid, or maybe to excited, or maybe to boastful. If we could know all that God has tomorrow for us, we would not be able to enjoy today. And it may not always be great stuff, some of the unexpected can certainly throw us for a loop, and maybe into a tailspin. So surround yourselves with people who are there with you, who care enough to not just celebrate the joys but to dig into the unexpected heartaches with you. Sometimes in the aches we find out that maybe an unexpected human in your life, becomes a lifetimer in friendship. None of us are cut out for messy life. It hurts. But it forms us, and grows us and stretches us. And when those unexpected joys hit us, and you can share in that with others, what greater gift is there? Our lives are a journey of discovery. I pray that we all have open hearts this month to others. Share all of our “unexpecteds”, the good, the bad and the ugly and everything in between! Let’s journey together. love, Meg
Our baby BOY has arrived, 6 1/2 weeks early, certainly not expected, but we are completely ecstatic he is here! Abel Joseph Mack was born Sunday, March 26th at 11:45pm, weighing in at a whopping 5 lbs. 2 oz. & 18" long. We are just smitten with him & seeing him develop more & more. <3 Since he came early he will be spending some time in the NICU. (Which is filled with some of the greatest nurses ever!) He's making progress everyday & we are so proud of how strong he is. This process/past week has been a real whirlwind to say the least. I was expecting to be having a baby in May, not March but life doesn't always work out the way we plan anyhow, right? We are just feeling so lucky to have this little blessing. Thanks for sharing in this season of life with us & for all your sweet words.
We were able to go the World Flower Expo which was held in VEGAS! We had such a fun time getting to travel together, meet growers, learn new tips & tricks, and just get to see TONS of lovely flowers! Needless to say it was awesome. 
check out our most recent live video
We kicked off our wedding season 2 weeks ago with Amanda &
Stephen's Excelsior wedding. It was SO dreamy.
Last weekend we created florals & signage for April & Dave's Maryland wedding.
We loved their vibe & color scheme so much!
see the goodness below:
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march newsletter

shea mack

r&r monthly newsletter: march
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Hooray for the month where spring begins! 
Happy March, friends! We are mega excited for the month to come. It really kicks off our wedding season & we can't wait for that! Thanks for taking the time to read. We are beyond thankful for each & everyone of you!
We've got some new & repeating events coming up at the shop this month & next!
to see all of our available events [CLICK HERE]
This month I am preparing myself mentally, physically and yes even spiritually for the busy wedding season that lies ahead for us. I am a gal who works best under pressure, a solid amount of stress and a tad bit of crazy thrown in the mix. The faster pace, the better; the later the night gets, the more creative my mind becomes; the multitasking of time lines and deadlines and game plans and hit the ground running plans, it is all a big beautiful rush of  adrenaline for me. But with that adrenaline comes the crash. The afterburn, the effects of no sleep, which let’s face it, in our early twenties was much easier to bounce back from! If I allow it to, it could easily suck me in and pull me into burn out mode, which many of us know all too well. I am committing this month, this year, this wedding season, not to just stop and smell the roses(literally!) but take some time to step back from the adrenaline rush and let my body and mind catch up. Taking time to spend with my family, committing a few weekends throughout the summer to time off, and putting Sunday’s back into our lives as a day of rest. How quickly we become accustomed to “fast pace, don’t slow down, because heaven forbid someone beat me” mode, and forget what really gets us ahead in life is our solid foundations we have supporting us. Our families, our friends, our God. Without taking time to nurture these simple foundational parts of my human self, my rockstar adrenaline junkie would not exist. So this month, my friends, feed that mind with a little something special, maybe a great read, an adventure, a carved out time for conversation with an old friend. Stimulate it well. Spend some time tweaking your workouts, your nutrition, spend time breathing in that fresh air. Our bodies are a beautiful temple for us to take care of. Love it well. And for goodness sakes, do not forget the simple beautiful serenity of spending quiet time with the first lover of our souls. A bit of time in prayer, reading a devotional or driving in the car, windows down, those tunes turned up, can bring a lift and new life to that spirit. Feed it well.  love, Meg
Last week marked the beginning of my third trimester! It's honestly hard to believe. Time is surely flying by. I'm currently 29 and a half weeks & just about in the home stretch. Our nursery is finally getting tackled & the nesting phase has set in. My husband deserves daily shoutouts for all the work he's doing around our house. <3 We cannot wait to meet this little nugget! 
check out our most recent live video
This past month we have been able to meet a whole bunch of new brides & grooms to be (and some sweet mamas too!) It has us even more pumped for the wedding season that's upon us! <3

We are currently planning our FIRST BIRTHDAY party for our shop!

This past year on Main Street has been so special for us. We've been able to meet all sorts of new folks who have become very special customers. We've hosted over a 100 events as well as sent many weddings out of this quaint shop. It's seen a lot of love this past year that's for sure. We can't wait to celebrate! Be sure to mark your calendars & join us- more details
This month we will be featuring some of our favorite moments of the year!
March 1st, 2016:

It's so crazy to think that a year ago we were signing the lease and receiving keys (skeleton keys might we add) to this shop; our blank space. I don't think we knew what to expect but God completely has exceeded our unspoken expectations. We're still in awe of the ways He has intertwined our stories & blessed us with this little shop and business. We are so thankful for the people we get to work with & the community we get to work in.

This month really kicks off our wedding season!
We can't wait for Amanda & Stephen's mid march wedding at Excelsior! 
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february newsletter

shea mack

r&r monthly newsletter: february
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Hooray for our first r&r newsletter! 
We are so glad you are here; reading this little note from us to you. We've been dreaming up the idea of a newsletter to keep our friends in the loop. And here it is; month one! We are grateful you're taking the time to read & even more grateful for the community we have. Thanks for being a special part of that.
We've got some exciting events coming up at the shop!
to see all of our available events [CLICK HERE]
valentines day is less than 2 weeks away! don't be late getting your orders in. we are offering 2 styles in either bouquets or arrangements as well as a local delivery! place your order online today -- HERE!
We will be open for valentines pick ups; see shop hours below.
So what is a “tidbit”, you ask? (At least Shea does!) It is a thought, an encouragement, a word of wisdom, a small piece of something I give to you. And when I pondered what I wanted my first tidbit to include, it seemed a no brainer. Although very cliche, where I am at right now, this day, this moment, this second, it rings very true. Follow your dream. This has been 21 years in the making. I did not give up. I put it on the back burner many of times, to raise my children (God’s first calling on my life), to pursue other passions, to try other roads. But this little dream of a flower shop has never left my heart. When something pulls you, when those little touches in life, “Godwinks” I call them, keep happening over and over again you must not ignore them. All of those stars will line up, and right in front of you is that opportunity, so take that leap. Trust me, you will not regret it. I am doing what I love, while diving into my creative genius(we are all creative geniuses in some way) that has been holed up for years at a time, I am growing in my knowledge of the business world and my desire to be better everyday at this. And my character is forming yet again, by hands that formed me 41 years ago, into someone I want my children to look to as an example, of a parent, of a leader, and of what it looks like to not give up or give in. I have been blessed by each and every job opportunity, each and every boss, each and every employee that was under my leadership. They have all provided a piece in this puzzle that’s picture is still coming together. My hope is when that last piece is put in (only God knows when that will be), that it is a picture I can be proud of because I chose to follow that dream; Go get ‘em tiger! love, Meg
It's hard to believe I'm halfway through week 25 of this pregnancy! Only 15 or so more weeks to go. This little he or she is growing like a weed & moving all around; this first time mama is loving it! <3 Time is flying by. Thank you for all the love & excitement for our little babe.
Our shop has gotten a lot of extra love lately. (it was about time) We've spent the past month purging, cleaning, rearranging and the massive task that is organizing. We're excited to be starting this year/wedding season with a fresh space!
We can't wait for you to see it in person.
Carol Hannah, a mega talented dress designer, recently blogged one of our favorite weddings from 2016; Alex & Elena! // photos by our friends:
Sanderson Images Photography
This weekend is our first wedding of 2017!
We are super excited to kick off our year with the sweet couple: Mark & Lydia. 
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wrapping up 2016.

shea mack

2016 has been filled with countless firsts. It's been a year of finding our groove, learning a lot, meeting fantastic folks, building relationships, and plenty of moments we will forever treasure.

We've had the opportunity to work with some very special brides & grooms this past year. Forty-one weddings have been created & gone out of our little Shrewsbury shop. We've hosted several design nights & private parties in our studio that have proved to be a ton of fun (with or without wine)! Our monthly fresh flower "prescriptions" exploded & we love getting to see regular faces for pickups every other week. Our tiniest employee (little baby Mack) is on the way; due to arrive next Mother's Day! <3

It's safe to say 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting & certainly eventful year ahead. We can't wait to work with our upcoming couples! >> We are beyond thrilled to have you as a customer & also as a friend. Thank you for making this past year beyond special for us. May God bless you & your family this holiday season. See you in 2017! And don't forget: you have til Christmas at midnight to enter week #4 of our holiday giveaways on our Facebook page: enter HERE! you don't want to miss this! 

exciting news: from us to you!

shea mack

Our first YouTube video is gracing the screen in perfect r&R fashion, thanks to our friend Madeline! >> Check out our exciting news in the video & details below; be sure to stick around for the bloopers at the end. it's for sure worth it.

From the beginning at rosemary & rust we’ve strived to be a different kind of flower shop. We've had the amazing opportunity over the past few months to meet fantastic folks that we now call friends. -- Our vision of creating a space & bringing the community in has flourished beyond our expectations. We are in awe with how God has provided this all right before our eyes. It is a joy to teach our craft to others. With that being said we are changing our retail vision. We are no longer going to be open for regular retail hours instead we are doing things a little different.

We are launching our flower subscription program. We like to call it a “prescription” because lets face it, flowers make people happy! :)

We will have price point, frequency & pickup options available, once or twice a month. -- We are striving to provide you with the freshest flower bundles around & when we can: using locally grown & harvested flowers in season.

for more details/to sign up:

*be one of the first 10 subscribers & get a rosemary & rust tote bag free!*

photos by: Jenni Sweitzer

As always, we will continue to take custom orders throughout the week; so keep us in mind for those special occasions that life brings.

We are so grateful for this community we get to be part of. 

historic shady lane: photoshoot collaboration

shea mack

Do you remember that photo shoot from last month at Historic Shady Lane that we collaborated on with our mega talented pals?! Well today, it's featured on the RUFFLED BLOG & we are dying of excitement! This day is huge for r&r; the monumental first time our work is published! We loved doing these florals + these images are pure magic thanks to: Jenna Brianne Photography & Sarah Brookhart Photography! We contributed florals: featuring the colorful flower crown, garland/tablescape, funky wire floral hanging pieces & some of the lovely cake flowers! 

Here are the other incredible vendors we collaborated with: venue: rentals: On A Lark Vintage Rentals & Barnes Farm Tables / bouquet & bout: Sandra Porterfield Florals / hair & makeup: The Bonafide Ginger / wedding cake: The Flour Child / linens: QTs Pretty lil things / wedding invitations: @asunshinelover. Be sure to send them lots of love too! - We love team efforts & this was nothing short of that! ENJOY, friends!

Thanks so much for checking out this photo gold. We hoped you loved them as much as we do!

Be sure to give a like & follow to our vendor friends who were also featured along side of us!

mama & me: may

shea mack

Our first mama & me event was a joy to say the least. The 14 gals that joined us were so much fun & did an amazing job creating lovely floral crowns together. Our talented friend, Jenni, captured some beautiful moments too! Check them out:

Thanks to all these sweet mamas & daughters who joined us. We loved getting to know each of you & creating along side of you. And again thanks to Jenni- for being so amazing & blessing us with your talents. // We've listed our JUNE mama & me date! Check it out HERE! Hope to see you all soon. & Happy Mother's Day!

april round up

shea mack

we have had a busy april here at r&r! - with launching the shop, kicking off our 2016 wedding season, and with introducing our ever so fun, design nights! 

here are some of our favorite images from the month this venture started: [april 2016]

we've been busy gals but its been so worth it! we are super excited to see what may has in store! to sign up for a design night: click HERE & see what we have available! 

our studio grand opening

shea mack

On April 2nd, we did something we both never imagined could actually be a reality. We opened our design studio & shop in Shrewsbury, and we are just over the moon excited about it. (we hope this joy never wears off!) We have seen God's faithful plan & provision play out right in front of our eyes and let's just be honest: it's remarkable. The day of our grand opening truly felt like a dream come true for both of us. A whirlwind of all the emotions; our personalities, styles, and stories meshing in one particular place & space. We've spent many late nights turned early mornings hard at work & were so thrilled with the outcome. We love being in this community and around such heart warming & welcoming neighbors.

To those of you who came that day & stopped in to visit us; thank you! Your support, love, & encouragement meant & means so much to us. To the folks who couldn't make it; we hope you can stop in & visit us real soon! We'd really love to show you around! // And to our sweet husbands, Brian & Adam: thank you for always believing in us, pushing us to dream bigger, supporting us through the ups & downs, and just loving us through this process. We are so grateful to share this with you & the boys.

Here are some of our favorite spots in our space captured by our sweet friend, Alyssa. Enjoy!


This sunny space has quickly become a favorite spot for us. We love this vintage velvet couch we found & the vibe this room gives off. The days we are open, we encourage you to come & hang out here; maybe even grab some coffee from our friends across the street before you do. We promise, you won't be sorry you did.

We wanted a room in our space that was specific to what the foundation of our business is on: our weddings. This room is an eclectic mix of photos, rentals, and just pretty things. We hope this area shines a light into what we are about: [florals & design]

Our kids room is just FUN & the space is absolutely adorable. We finished this table & made it kid friendly. We want to be able to bring littles in here & teach them. Our goal for this space is to host parties & workshops where children can come & create. 

We are not your average flower shop. Our workshop space is all about community. Our 12 foot farm table is a cozy meeting spot for our Thursday night: Design Nights. (Where you can come & everyone learns - creates - and leaves with a beautiful fresh floral arrangement.) Our overall theme & goal is to encourage the community to gather together & get creative. // We want people to leave our space feeling encouraged & inspired.

Thanks for taking the time to read & browse. We really appreciate you. If your local; be sure to come visit us. We are open every Friday & Saturday from 10-2. We always have a variety of single stems, bouquets, and arrangements- both fresh & dried to choose from. We do take custom orders so if you have something in particular; we'd love to chat with you about it! Feel free to stop by, email or call. Hope to see you real soon.

Photographs by Alyssa Eckhart: [website[facebook]  [instagram]

home stretch & upcoming events

shea mack

We are thrilled to be in the home stretch of getting our shop ready for our grand opening. (only 9 days left!) It's certainly coming together & we can't wait to show you the finished product. You can see little sneak peeks on our instagram.

We will not be your typical flower shop. Our prayer is that this space will bring folks together in a creative way that is new to our community. We thrive on connectivity; we value relationships & good company. When we are here designing our door will be open + our sign will be out; so feel free to stop on by, grab a cup of coffee, and see what we're working on!

With this goal of bringing people together, we have some exciting news! We will be hosting design nights & special events in our studio!

Our design nights & special events are where you can come & connect with friends or hopefully meet new ones! We will be creating together & you will always be leaving with something one of a kind.

We sincerely hope to see you at our grand opening & we look forward to hosting you at an upcoming event!

Check out the events tab to see what classes we currently have to offer! And be on the lookout for other new & exciting uses of our space.

studio sneak peek

shea mack

This month has been one of the most exciting for both of us. We've been keeping our studio secret for what feels like forever. And earlier this month we finally got to share with all of you about our new space. We wanted to give you some sneak peeks & tell you a little about it.

We stumbled upon it as we were having coffee across the street at Village Coffee.

We decided to just call about it & see what would be available for that price range. As we walked through the very first time, we were just in awe. Everything about it was perfect! It honestly felt like a dream space. We decided immediatly that we loved it, but we knew that it might be too early for us to jump into something like this. We began brainstorming, which led to so much excitement. We called a meeting with our husbands & pitched them our idea.

They were both encouraging & told us to run with it. So here we are, under a month out from launching our new design space! 

Mark your calendars & join us on April 2nd for our grand opening. DETAILS HERE In the weeks to come we will be posting about what we will be using our space for. But for now, here's a little peek into the space itself.

We are beyond exciting to be a part of this community. Thanks for stopping by & thanks for all your kindness. Our hearts are filled with joy & thanks!


behind the scenes: bridal shoot in Lancaster

shea mack

Today, we had the privilege to be a part of a darling bridal shoot, set at the coolest building Lancaster city, PA. We made a boutonniere, bouquet & floral crown; as well as provided a few other little details.

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the shoot. Can't wait to show you the finished product!

location: Hingework Inc.- Lancaster, PA
models: Alex, Emily & Madeline
photographer: Alex Lasota Photography
date: January 7, 2016